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You will learn strategies and tips to help your kids grow, learn to bounce back and develop healthy relationships.

Building Strong, Resilient Kids

  • Practical

    Strategies that can be used immediately to produce kids oriented on growth and persistence, not perfection and anxiety. Each section ends with 3 parenting tips.

  • Relatable

    Stories and examples that parents will resonate with, find meaningful and even humorous.

  • Research Based

    Information from top researchers in the field of psychology around growth mindset.

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One low price gets the entire course of 26 videos and downloadable parenting tips at the end of each section.

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Time to gain new strategies, tools and confidence as a parent.

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Coach Patrick Donohue

Your Instructor

  • Patrick Donohue


    Patrick Donohue

    Patrick Donohue is a Life Coach who works with young people and their families on issues around relationships, motivation, academics, career, time management and life direction. He is also an educator, athletic coach and author (Red Zone Fathering), who has dedicated his life to helping young people and parents grow.

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Heather Treadway

The Passion Difference

Heather Treadway

"Pat Donohue's passion, preparation and energy set him apart as a presenter. He projects confidence, demonstrates a deep knowledge base, and crafts a clear, memorable message. He doesn't hide behind facts; but rather uses stories and multi-media visuals and audio to compliment his message. One of his greatest strengths is his use of humor to hook and connect with his audience, winning their trust, inviting them to engage, and then challenging them to action: to think, to speak, to believe. You won't find a more genuine, transparent, or engaging speaker who literally embodies the message, bringing it to life in a way that leaves everyone encouraged and empowered."


  • Full Growth Mindset Parenting course + one 60 minute coaching session for parents done virtually or in person ($225 value).